Walter Benjamin committed suicide at the Spanish border in 1940 rather than surrender to the Nazis. The greatest cultural critic of the Weimar era whose work has exercised an enormous intellectual influence since his death, he lived his last years as an exile from his German homeland witnessing the extermination of Jewish culture at the hands of a virulent strain o hatred that many hoped would never be seen again. But as he wrote in his famous “Theses on the Philosophy of History,” the enemy never stops sowing the seeds of hatred and ignorance and destruction. Whether the Nazi strain of race hatred was more virulent than the Islamic version now carving its way through the modern Middle East and Europe is beside the point. The only reality that matters is that such cancers must be eradicated as soon as they appear or they will spawn until they pose a clear and present danger not only to the people they purport to hate but to everyone. For it is the nature of hatred to spread even if it purports to be directed at a specific group……..Continue Reading No Easy DaynewsletterThumbSept
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